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Experience comprehensive healthcare at home with our Platinum package. Enjoy monthly monitoring of blood pressure, blood sugar, temperature, and oxygen levels, plus quarterly GP appointments, nurse support, and mental health sessions. Benefit from physiotherapy, yoga, and diet plans, alongside free rental of health monitoring equipment and patient transport services. Stay healthy and cared for in the comfort of your home.

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Platinum Package Details

Comprehensive Health Monitoring and Support

Our Platinum package is designed to provide you with comprehensive healthcare services right in the comfort of your home. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring: Get your blood pressure checked 12 times a month to ensure your heart health is on track.
  • Blood Sugar Monitoring: Monitor your blood sugar levels 12 times a month for effective diabetes management.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Regular temperature checks 12 times a month to detect early signs of illness.
  • Oxygen Saturation Monitoring: Keep track of your oxygen levels 12 times a month for respiratory health.
  • Watch RX: Enjoy free rental of our advanced health monitoring watch to continuously track vital signs.
  • GP Appointment: Schedule an appointment with a general practitioner once every three months for comprehensive health reviews.
  • Nurse Support: Benefit from professional nurse support once every three months for personalized care.
  • Additional Blood Pressure Monitoring: An extra session of blood pressure monitoring once every three months.
  • Physiotherapy: Receive a physiotherapy session once every six months to maintain mobility and manage pain.
  • Weekly Follow-up: Stay connected with our healthcare team through weekly follow-ups for consistent health management.
  • PTS Ambulance Service: Free rental of patient transport service (PTS) ambulance for trips up to 50 miles for the first trip.
  • Movies: Enjoy a movie experience once every three months as part of our holistic care approach.
  • Yoga Session: Participate in a yoga session once every three months to enhance physical and mental well-being.
  • Diet Plan: Get a customized diet plan once every three months to support your nutritional needs.
  • Mental Health Support: Access mental health support once every three months to ensure emotional and psychological well-being.

This Platinum package ensures you receive a blend of medical, physical, and mental health support, all tailored to maintain and improve your overall well-being. Embrace a holistic approach to health with our Clinic At Home services.