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Platinum Health Monitoring and Wellness Subscription

Our Platinum Subscription is designed to offer comprehensive health monitoring and wellness services to ensure you stay healthy and receive timely medical support. Here’s what you get:

Health Monitoring Services

Blood Pressure Monitoring: 12 times a month. Regular monitoring to keep track of your blood pressure and ensure it stays within a healthy range.

Blood Sugar Monitoring: 12 times a month. Frequent checks to manage and monitor blood sugar levels are crucial for diabetic care.

Temperature Monitoring: 12 times a month. Regular temperature checks to detect any signs of fever or infection early.

Oxygen Saturation Monitoring: 12 times a month. Monitoring of blood oxygen levels to ensure your body is getting enough oxygen.

Watch RX: Free Rental. Complimentary rental of a health monitoring smartwatch to keep track of your vitals round-the-clock.

Medical Support

GP Appointment: Once every 3 months. Regular consultations with a General Practitioner to discuss any health concerns and get professional medical advice.

Nurse Support: Once every 3 months. Access to nursing support for any medical assistance or health check-ups you might need.

Health Check-up: Once every 3 months. Comprehensive health assessments to keep track of your overall well-being and detect any potential health issues early.

Wellness and Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy: Once every 6 months. Sessions with a physiotherapist to help with mobility, pain management, and rehabilitation. 

Weekly Follow-up: Once a week. Regular follow-ups to check on your health progress and address any ongoing concerns.

Additional Benefits

PTS Ambulance Service: Free Rental up to 50 miles for the first trip. Complimentary use of patient transport service for medical appointments or emergencies within a 50-mile radius.

Movies: Once every 3 months. Enjoy a movie outing every quarter to relax and unwind.

Yoga Session: Once every 3 months. Quarterly yoga sessions to enhance your physical and mental well-being.

Diet Plan: Once every 3 months. Personalized diet plans created by a nutritionist to help you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Mental Health Support: Once every 3 months. Access to mental health support to ensure your psychological well-being.

Our Platinum Package is a comprehensive solution designed to provide you with continuous health monitoring, regular medical support, and a range of wellness services to help you lead a healthy and balanced life.