Difficult getting a GP appointment in place?

Track your health progress from the comfort of your home with us!

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Why get these packages

Check-ups can help identify early signs of diseases which increases the chances of timely and effective treatment. Regular monitoring can keep your health in check, especially if you’re prone to or already have health risks like elevated levels of blood pressure or an iron deficiency. Clinic At Home provides complete packages that offer reduced rates and doorstep services based on your needs.

  • Convenience and easy access to basic health service
  • Personalised care according to your needs
  • Access from the comfort of your own home
  • Comprehensive and cost-effective services

Our Package

Gold Subscription


Silver Subscription


Standard Subscription


WatchRx Subscription


Package Features

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GP Appointments

Get access to regular consultations with registered doctors without the waiting time and hassle

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Blood Pressure Monitoring

Health professionals will routinely monitor your blood pressure levels to help identify any risks

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Nurse Support

Personalised assistance attuned to meet your requirements will be provided on a periodic basis

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Blood Sugar Monitoring

Trained specialists will regularly evaluate your blood sugar levels to identify any risks.

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Health Check-up

Thorough assessments, that cater to your concerns, are available to ensure your health is at its best

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Oxygen Saturation Monitoring

Additional care and support tailored to your needs will be offered on a weekly basis.

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Weekly Follow-ups

Additional care and support tailored to your needs will be offered on a weekly basis.

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PTS Ambulance Services

Discounts and free rentals of PTS Ambulances for up to 50 miles will be supplied within our services

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USG/ECG/X-ray/MRI/CT scans

Avail discounts on a variety of critical health tests in a timely manner


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